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Burn More Fat, Lower Blood Sugar, and Lose a Pound a Day With Superfood Oatmeal

Hello my friends I hope all is well, here is a article on burning more fat, and lower your blood sugar and also loss a pound as you go.  May you all enjoy this article and have a blessed week. If a meal that sticks to your ribs and shrinks your waist sounds good right about now, […]

The Cooking Oil Tweak That Helped One Woman Finally Lose Her Belly at 71

  Hi everyone I hope you all are doing fine.  Here is a sweet article on helping you lose weight.  May you all have a sweet weekend and enjoy the article. She did it with the keto diet. “Your blood pressure is high, and you’ve become prediabetic,” said Kris Ronchetti’s doctor. Kris clenched her jaw, […]

A New Year 2021 to Shape Up

Hello everyone I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting articles but, my systems went down and I loss everything that I had in my website.  But, I’m back I going to tell you about Carolina Girvan she is awesome training and she help so many woman who looking to get back in shape.  She have […]

Fitness and Physical Well-Being

Many of us are concerned about physical fitness and mental wellbeing, but we don’t always pay enough attention to our diet. Proper nutrition is the key to a healthy body, high energy levels, and an active mind. Nowadays, we have access to a wide variety of cuisines and convenience foods. Despite all the foods available, […]

About Me

Hello Everyone!  My name is Iris; let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have two wonderful daughters and five grandkids, ages 5 years through 10 months.  I served my country in the Army for 21 years and throughout those years I ran track and competed in bodybuilding towards the end of my retirement.  I […]

Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips can change lives and help people towards fitness goals. Learn a little from a personal trainer on the market. These Weight Loss Tips have been shared by a lot of communities. That has directed people towards changing their diet and daily routine. A better diet could improve lives in some significant ways. […]

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