Sipping Green Tea Every Day Could Be the Key to Living Longer

Hello my friends here is a good healthy way to live a long life and be happy doing it.  May you all have a sweet week.

We all want to live long, happy lives, right? Of course, we know eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise are big parts of that. Apparently, adding a refreshing sip of green tea to your daily routine can help, too!

Although people have been drinking this popular beverage for centuries, it seems we’re still constantly discovering new health benefits of green tea. For example, research from just last year found that drinking tea at least three times a week showed a significantly lower risk in cardiovascular disease (which is the leading cause of death in our country).

The study looked at various types of tea, but green tea was the most beneficial. This is likely because green tea is especially rich in polyphenols, the plant-based antioxidants that protect our cells from damage. Unlike green tea, back tea is usually fermented, which causes it to lose some of those potent antioxidants. The researchers also point out that people are more likely to mix black tea with milk, which can counteract the heart healthy perks.

On top of the cardiac health benefits, the researchers from this study claimed green tea reduced the risk of death from any other disease, too. They came to all of these conclusions after observing more than 100,000 people for a seven year period, making it a pretty compelling case for the beverage.

Previous studies have shared similar findings about green tea. For example, you’ve probably heard that those polyphenols can also protect from and slow the growth of cancer cells. Research from 2014 found that a high intake of green tea (three or four cups a day) showed a reduced risk of stage one and two breast cancer recurrence in women. The National Cancer Institute explains that along with the polyphenols, green tea contains enzymes that may inhibit tumor growth in all types of cancer. Studies on the benefits of green tea for cancer are ongoing, but the promising results still inspire us to brew a cup (or three).

We know green tea is also great for maintaining healthy digestion and weight, which can also help us live longer by avoiding metabolic diseases. Plus, researchers have found that drinking green tea (or any other kind) at least four times a week will boost our brains by protecting the structure and pathways of Clearly, drinking green tea on a regular basis is one of the easiest things we can all do to help us all live long, healthy lives!

By Lily Herman 

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