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 My name is Iris; let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have two wonderful daughters and five grandkids, ages 5 years through 10 months.  I served my country in the Army for 21 years and throughout those years I ran track and competed in bodybuilding towards the end of my retirement.  I care a lot about health because I lost my mother, father, and two sisters from Heart Attacks and Diabetes. This is the reason and the drive for taking care of my body.
Though I face many difficulties with mobility issues from arthritis, herniation, and injuries from my previous career I don’t get discouraged; The Lords gives me strength every day.  I’ve had several non-surgical and surgical procedures that would alleviate my symptoms temporarily but ultimately some of those caused more damage. I fought for my health and trusted my instincts every time to ensure in the end I felt ok with myself. I can’t run anymore or lift weights as I used too, but I know that if I don’t commit to physical activity it will have a negative outcome on my daily activities.

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Burn More Fat, Lower Blood Sugar, and Lose a Pound a Day With Superfood Oatmeal

Hello my friends I hope all is well, here is a article on burning more fat, and lower your blood sugar and also loss a pound as you go.  May you all enjoy this article and have a blessed week.

If a meal that sticks to your ribs and shrinks your waist sounds good right about now, there’s a delicious new breakfast trend you’ve gotta try. “Adding superfood mix-ins to oatmeal has become very popular, and it takes this extraordinarily healthful whole grain to a whole new level”, says Yale-trained healthy aging expert Nicholas Perricone, MD, bestselling author of Forever Young (Buy on Amazon, $16.95) and The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet (Buy on Amazon, $14.95).

Turns out, pairing ingredients like coconut, flax, and even cookie-flavored protein powder with the special fiber in oats works weight-loss wonders. Experts and regular folks alike say a bowlful each morning slashes appetite all day and prompts fat to burn really fast. Read more »

The Cooking Oil Tweak That Helped One Woman Finally Lose Her Belly at 71


Hi everyone I hope you all are doing fine.  Here is a sweet article on helping you lose weight.  May you all have a sweet weekend and enjoy the article.

She did it with the keto diet.

“Your blood pressure is high, and you’ve become prediabetic,” said Kris Ronchetti’s doctor. Kris clenched her jaw, glancing at her chart in the doctor’s hands. A note caught her eye, and she squinted to read it. It said: “Morbidly obese.” Kris’s breath caught; her mind began to race. I’m so heavy, I could actually die, she thought, shifting her 280-pound body uneasily.

The doctor began asking about her eating habits. “I had some success recently at Weight Watchers,” Kris whispered. The doctor nodded and replied: “It’s a good start. But you might have better luck bringing your sugar down on a low-carb plan.” Kris nodded numbly. Given her track record with diets, she wasn’t optimistic. Read more »

Sipping Green Tea Every Day Could Be the Key to Living Longer

Hello my friends here is a good healthy way to live a long life and be happy doing it.  May you all have a sweet week.

We all want to live long, happy lives, right? Of course, we know eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise are big parts of that. Apparently, adding a refreshing sip of green tea to your daily routine can help, too!

Although people have been drinking this popular beverage for centuries, it seems we’re still constantly discovering new health benefits of green tea. For example, research from just last year found that drinking tea at least three times a week showed a significantly lower risk in cardiovascular disease (which is the leading cause of death in our country). Read more »

4 Simple Tricks to Boost Energy and Feel Younger

Hi everyone I hope everything is find with all of you.  As for me and my family we are doing just find.  Here is a good article of 4 simple trick to boost your energy and feel younger.  I hope you enjoy it.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to fire up our energy engines so we could have all the pep we need to enjoy all that the new year has to offer? Turns out we can! Small cellular furnaces, or mitochondria, produce the energy our body needs, and although they slow down with age, it’s easy to rev them right back up, says Sara Gottfried, MD, author of Brain Body Diet (Buy on Amazon, $12.99). Here’s how!

Try a ‘micro burst’ of movement.

Our “energy engines” need help to do their job from a compound called NAD, says Ronald Peters, MD, director of the MindBody Medicine Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. NAD levels dip in our 50s, but raising them back up is as simple as rapidly marching in place for 20 seconds a few times a day. These “micro bursts” of movement boost energy-engine function by 69 percent, plus Canadian research shows they improve blood-sugar levels by 53 percent and power up metabolism by 48 percent. Read more »


Hello my friends I hope all is well with all of you.  Here is a good articles for all female to do is a 12 week fitness plan program.  I hope you all enjoy it.   Have a blessed week.

This 12-week fitness plan for women isn’t perfect for just any healthy woman. It’s designed based on research for women in peri to post-menopause. Generic fitness plans are so 1980s. Your fitness plan should be specific to you, not your daughter, your mother, or your spouse, don’t you think?

The truth is your body goes through up to about 7 major hormonal changes in your life. Each requiring a unique exercise prescription. After all, Exercise is Medicine.™ You wouldn’t take someone else’s pills. Read more »

Lose 12 Pounds a Week and Slash Diabetes Risk on This Blood Sugar Control Diet

Hello everyone I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to post any articles I went to see my daughter and grandkids for one week and end up getting stuck there longer because of storm that hitter Texas.  But, I’m back home and I good article health and how to losing 12 pounds.  I hope you enjoy it.

If you hate small portions but would love a smaller waist, Dr. Neal Barnard has an anti-diabetes breakthrough could be your perfect diet. “We’re using food to protect and restore health — and the payoff is huge, particularly if you have or are at risk of type 2 diabetes,” reveals the George Washington University researcher and world-renowned expert on plant-based eating.

In fact, folks are reversing blood-sugar issues and losing massive amounts of weight — up to 12 pounds every week — while eating their fill of pancakes, corn chips, bread, pasta, and even frozen desserts. “We’ve tested this approach on thousands of people,” reports Dr. Barnard, “and we hear two things over and over: ‘I can’t believe how easy it is’ and ‘I had no idea I could feel this good!’” Read more »

Lose up to 24 Pounds in 7 Days and Reverse Prediabetes With This Diet Trick

Hello my friends here is a Articles on how to lose up to 24 pounds in 7 days and reverse prediabetes with this Diet Trick.  I hope you enjoy it.  May all of you have a blessed week.

Want to get a total-body transformation underway without even going to the store? “Just start building meals around whole plant foods already in your pantry,” suggests Michael Greger, M.D., author of mega-sellers How Not to Die (Buy on Amazon, $17.01) and How Not to Diet (Buy on Amazon, $15.06). He’s talking about options like whole-wheat pasta, potatoes, brown rice, beans, tomato sauce, nuts, frozen fruit and veggies.

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Among more than 5,000 studies revealing the benefits of plant-based eating, new evidence shows that the approach helps us lose 10 times more weight than typical doctor-prescribed plans. “You can also eat as much as you want — no portion control!” That means huge servings along with huge improvements in blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, mood, and more. Says Dr. Greger, “The best diet for weight loss happens to be easy-peasy and the best diet for the longest, happiest, healthiest life.”

You won’t count calories eating Dr. Greger’s way, but they’re still a surprise factor. Turns out, when your menus are made with whole plants, “you can take in roughly double your normal volume of food while only consuming about half your usual calories,” he explains. Plus, Yale scientists recently confirmed that as your body works to break down all the fiber in plants, it causes metabolism to shoot up by 14 percent. So you can literally stuff yourself and slim down. In fact, folks report losing up to 24 pounds in just seven days! Read more »

This At-Home Lower Ab Workout Is the Burnout You’ve Been Looking For

Hello everyone I hope all is well with you all.  Here is a sweet articles to do at home to workout your Abs.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please don’t forget to shop in my site.  Have a blessed week.

Your lower abs are high maintenance. It takes a clean diet and consistent regimen to make them pop. While your total-body sessions hit your core, it’s equally important to do a targeted lower ab workout at least once a week. Doing so can reduce and prevent low-back pain, and help correct posture and pelvic tilt issues. A strong core connection and understanding how to engage your lower abs will improve your everyday movements but also unlock greater strength gains whether you’re training at home or in the gym.

Over time, you’ll stop overworking the muscles you’re not trying to target—but often take over—and see more defined lower abs. Some tips before you attack the lower ab workout below: Targeting the lower abs can be thwarted by tight, overactive hip flexors; overdoing an exercise’s range of motion; and moving too quickly. But don’t get disheartened! The circuit below will give you the tips and confidence to get where you’re trying to go. Read more »

5 Natural Ways to Lower Your Risk of Dementia by More Than 60%

Hello Everyone in December I just loss my mother-in-law from Dementia it was very hard and sad.  So here is a article on Dementia  how to lower your risk I hope it will help you out.  May you all have a blessed week.

you know HDL cholesterol keeps your heart healthy, and now research reveals it does the same for your brain! In fact, Japanese scientists say high HDL levels slash dementia risk by as much as 64 percent.

Here, the easy natural health boosters that ward off brain atrophy or “senior moments,” protect against heart disease, and help you retain all your happy memories.

Sip hot cocoa.

Good news for chocolate lovers: Sip two mugs of hot cocoa daily, and a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found you’ll up your “good” cholesterol by 24 percent. Researchers credit cocoa compounds called flavonoids with the heart-smart effect. What’s more, Appalachian State University scientists say folks who enjoy 25 grams of dark chocolate (about four squares) daily have better memories and multitasking ability than those who don’t indulge. Read more »

A New Year 2021 to Shape Up

Hello everyone I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting articles but, my systems went down and I loss everything that I had in my website.  But, I’m back I going to tell you about Carolina Girvan she is awesome training and she help so many woman who looking to get back in shape.  She have this program that call 10 week EPIC and this year she started another one call Epic II.  Which I might said that it’s so good I’m doing the program myself and I love it.  So if you want to get in shape this is the program for you it show you what to eat and how to get fit.   Here I will provide you with the website for you could get started.  https://youtube.com/c/carolinegirvan    And here is website (87) Introducing EPIC II | 10 Week Fitness & Workout Program by Caroline Girvan – YouTube.  I hope you all are doing well as for me and mind God is so good.  I hope you enjoy this please forget to shopping in my site.  May you have a blessed week.




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