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Hello Everyone!
 My name is Iris; let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have two wonderful daughters and five grandkids, ages 5 years through 10 months.  I served my country in the Army for 21 years and throughout those years I ran track and competed in bodybuilding towards the end of my retirement.  I care a lot about health because I lost my mother, father, and two sisters from Heart Attacks and Diabetes. This is the reason and the drive for taking care of my body.
Though I face many difficulties with mobility issues from arthritis, herniation, and injuries from my previous career I don’t get discouraged; The Lords gives me strength every day.  I’ve had several non-surgical and surgical procedures that would alleviate my symptoms temporarily but ultimately some of those caused more damage. I fought for my health and trusted my instincts every time to ensure in the end I felt ok with myself. I can’t run anymore or lift weights as I used too, but I know that if I don’t commit to physical activity it will have a negative outcome on my daily activities.

This is why I love to stay in shape; to keep my body healthy and thriving. Even though you may face pain on a daily basis, this can in turn become your strength to continue fighting for a healthier you. Committing to my health and remaining consistent have been the only actions that have kept me afloat and continue to allow me to do some of what I love to do. I hope the same for all of you as well.
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