Back workouts

Getting into shape, or even putting on muscle, doesn’t have to be difficult: even if you don’t want to join a gym it can be done at home with tools you probably have lying around (for example, you can use water bottles as dumbells, and a jug f milk once you get stronger).

Plenty of back workouts can be accomplished by using these tools, for example, back flies, upright rows, or front extensions. If you are looking for something more complicated and hefty, shoulder presses and deadlifts are also excellent to train the back: just remember that you should exercise caution.

If you are looking to lift heavy, however, you will need some equipment. If you are looking to get fit for cheap, look into using recycled materials, such as big tires or thick heavy chains for lifting; but it is always best to use actual workout tools so you will be less likely to hurt yourself.

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