Proper Nutrtion; Fuel The Body

Much is questioned about how to have good and healthy nutrition, but there are a few factors that must remain no matter the circumstances, here I’ll teach you the basics of how to have proper nutrition.

1- Balance: In order to grow, develop, and stay healthy, balance is a must, which means you have to eat as many vegetables as meat, fruits, and grains.

2- Safe: all the foods you eat must have the necessary cleanliness to avoid getting sick.

3- Enough: for each meal you take, consume the necessary amount of food to meet nutritional needs.

4- Varied: This goes hand to hand with balance, as you must include foods with different flavors, colors, smells, and consistencies in each meal throughout the week to ensure the consumption of the different nutrients required.

5- Adequate: it means that the foods you consume must have availability and accessibility. If it’s not easy for you to get the food or ingredients is going to be difficult for you to keep proper nutrition.

We must not forget that a correct diet is not necessarily more expensive, we can select seasonal foods that are in our region and adjust to our budget. In addition, we must remember that not because foods are very striking means they are more nutritious.

It is important to know that there are no group diets, but as described in the points of correct nutrition, a diet is individual. For this reason, those people who require a special diet should go to their doctor and a nutritionist to determine the correct diet.

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