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Lose 12 Pounds a Week and Slash Diabetes Risk on This Blood Sugar Control Diet

Hello everyone I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to post any articles I went to see my daughter and grandkids for one week and end up getting stuck there longer because of storm that hitter Texas.  But, I’m back home and I good article health and how to losing 12 pounds.  I hope you enjoy […]

5 Natural Ways to Lower Your Risk of Dementia by More Than 60%

Hello Everyone in December I just loss my mother-in-law from Dementia it was very hard and sad.  So here is a article on Dementia  how to lower your risk I hope it will help you out.  May you all have a blessed week. you know HDL cholesterol keeps your heart healthy, and now research reveals […]

How to lead a healthy lifestyle? Getting rid of white sugar is your first task, soda drinks and other juices that are not homemade are not welcome in your diet. Drink more water, carry a bottle with you whenever you can. Drink tea instead of coffee, add fresh lemon juice, fresh ginger, and organic honey […]

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